3D Landscapes strives to bring quality and distinction to every customer. No matter your need, lush and lavish or simple and functional, we provide quality care. Our web site details a few of the many services we offer. Through the success of 3D Landscapes, we have been able to grow and expand, allowing us to provide exceptional results and competitive pricing.


Water is essential for a healthy and colorful landscape. An irrigation system provides your plants, shrubs and a nice lavish lawn with the water it needs to flourish. With one of these systems, you will have one of the vital ingredients to keep your landscape looking beautiful and healthy all summer long, leaving you the time to enjoy it. We install, trouble shoot and maintain irrigation systems.

Lawn Care

We are a full service lawn care company. A nicely edged and fresh cut yard brings out the beauty in your house and makes it inviting for the kids to come out and play. Nothing says beautiful like stripes or a checkerboard pattern in the front yard. Week after week, we will leave your yard looking beautiful and well groomed. We can accommodate any size yard and are happy to offer free estimates.

Bedding and Pruning

Pleasing to the eye and the beginning to a well managed yard. Bedding adds to the appearance of your yard and also helps to prevent weeds from growing in and around your trees and shrubs. Pine needles, mulch, and rocks are some popular types. Next, with a little pruning you can shape, control and direct how your bedding materials grow, all while maintaining the health and appearance of your plants and shrubbery.

Aerating, Seeing, Fertilization & Chemicals

The spraying of proper chemicals throughout the year will keep your yard full of grass instead of weeds and other unwanted growth. Fertilization gives your yard the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Aerating and seeding gets your yard back to tip-top shape after cold winters and long hot summers. Repairing thin spots
and spraying for weeds will restore your yard back to
its original beauty.